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We can’t stop watching this hilarious clip of Prince William nudging a dazed Kate Middleton.


William and Kate look pretty adorable and cute together. They are so in love that in-spite of their trying hard not to show any PDA, some of it just come naturally. 

Every happy and married couple will be able to relate.

It was a surprise for all of us when we saw the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate joining the royal family at Westminster Abbey for the 100th year of RAF celebrations.

Kate Middleton, who is on maternity leave until the fall season, was not confirmed to attend the service, but she made a surprise appearance along with her husband, William.

At the RAF celebrations on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

It was during the Royal Air Force celebration when Prince William appeared to tell Kate Middleton to pick up the pace on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

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Much to the delight of long-time married couples everywhere, the hilariously relatable ordeal was caught on cameras everywhere. Apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge wasn’t moving fast enough.

And this very act of Kate which prompted the Duke of Cambridge to gently nudge her along with his left hand.

On talking to Susan Constantine, a human behavioral expert, she said:-

“It was as if the Duke of Cambridge, William is going, ‘come on, wake up, here we go’. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate seemed to be uncertain, preoccupied, and not focused”.

“But, Prince William appeared to have picked up on that which is why we all saw him taking the lead and nudging the Duchess of Cambridge all along”.

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Why did Kate Middleton seemed to be preoccupied? 

Well, to be fair, she just gave birth to little Prince Louis. And, we imagine watching after him and keeping up with Prince George and Princess Charlotte is no easy task.

In fact, she is still on her maternity leave, but graced us with her surprise visit during the RAF celebrations. But, regardless of the circumstances, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were all smiles during the rest of their balcony moment.