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Why Harry and William choose to drive their wives to events?


Princes William and Prince Harry are a new generation of royals. And so, their are some things they like to do by their own way. 

Well, it’s something of an evolution within the British monarchy.

We often hear about how both brothers and their wives, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle ‘break royal protocol’. Or shun tradition in favour of being normal.

And now, it has been pretty normal for the younger royals to do what they like.

It wouldn’t be unusual to see the Duke of Cambridge, William and the Duke of Sussex, Harry driving themselves to private events. Let’s take Prince Charles’ 70th birthday party at Buckingham Palace for example.

Although, both the brothers came separately, along with their wives, but they drove all by themselves. They were looking pretty amazing.

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They want to live as normal as possible.

We know that if we had our own private chauffeur we’d never get behind the wheel. But for the young royals, they like to keep things as low-key as possible for private events. T hose private events which they attend when they’re off the clock.

Royal etiquette expert, William Hanson told Mail Online:-

“Modern royalty tends to drive themselves to private parties and engagements. That’s because it is exactly what, a private event. They are not attending specifically because of the titles and roles they play”.

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“They are attending it because of their personal connection to the host. In this case, they usually choose to arrive and leave with less fanfare than during their official work engagements”.

This explains why Prince Harry hopped into the car and drove Meghan to their evening wedding reception earlier this year. The bash was closed off to everyone but invited guests only.