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This is the reason why Prince Harry might never wear a wedding ring?


We are guessing the reason behind it is pretty simple. He’s not the only one on the list. William and Prince Philip don’t wear a ring too. Let’s just see why?

Maybe it’s just the way they are.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement last year. The royal wedding date is officially set for 19th May of 2018. With their nuptials be-folding in front of us soon, fans and followers are speculating about everything from Meghan wedding dress to Harry’s best man.

Something that might interest you all came up this week. However, it’s the subject of rings.

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While most of the fans have been concerned with and are excited about the style of band Meghan will choose. She will be trying the bands alongside her sparkling engagement diamond, so as t get the best match. Well, time’s over. You might wanna focus your attention on Prince Harry. 

Why should you focus your attention towards Harry? He might be one of the royals who won’t be wearing a ring. 

Yes, that’s quite right. Chances of Prince Harry wearing a wedding ring is too low. According to our reports, it’s all for quite a simple reason. Not wearing a ring is his ‘personal preference’. And he’s not the only one. The list includes both, Prince Philip and Prince William.

More and more grooms are opting out for a ring free wedding. 

Some studies say, the men are opting out of the wedding band ritual. The studies also say that men don’t want a ring on their hand to show that they are already taken by somebody and is not to be approached on. 

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Prince William married Kate Middleton in 2011. Since then, he hasn’t worn a wedding ring, and all because he simply doesn’t want to. The Palace gave a statement saying: “He’s not one for jewellery. He has never worn any. William decided that he didn’t want to wear one now. And it’s all down to personal preference”.