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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were targeted in an Anthrax scare.


Well, it’s quite traumatising when you get mysterious parcels in a very unusual way. Something like this happened with Harry and Meghan.  

This must have terrified the soon-to-be royal couple.

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An investigation has been taken place by Scotland Yard police after a parcel containing something unknown, mysterious white powder. It was sent to Kensington Palace, which was addressed to both, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

A situation of high-level security arise.

The Evening Standard reports that the parcel triggered a major and high-level security scare at the palace. The possible guess was that the substance may be ‘Anthrax’.  Anthrax is a potentially lethal toxin.

A series of Anthrax attack has already been taken place a few years ago. In 2001, Anthrax attacks took place in the United States when five people were killed after receiving letters containing white powder.

A report claims that the letter first went through a procedure, where it has to get past the security.  

Meghan and Harry’s letter was intercepted before it was received and opened by the royal couple. Further, analysis by specialists determined that the powder was not Anthrax, and was totally harmless.

The Metropolitan Police’s counter-terrorism unit was also called in to investigate the letter.

According to some reports, the letter was sent to the royal couple on February 12, 2018. However, no arrests have been made as of yet. The officers are still investigating whether there is a link between the envelope sent to the royals and the one sent to Home Secretary, Amber Rudd.

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Some similar cases with famous people.

United States’ president, Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, was also sent a letter containing an unknown white powder only a few days back. The reports say, she went to the hospital for a check-up but was thought to be unharmed.