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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are hiring on LinkedIn.

The royal couples have been hiring for a long time. And now, so does the newest royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan are looking for a new employee.

Those who are interested, get your CV ready and start preparing for the interviews. 

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The royal family is after an entry-level communications assistant to be precise. He will mostly be involved with all the press announcements, media briefings, social media updates and feature articles.


The official website said: “Joining this fast-paced and dynamic team, you will be assisting the senior colleagues with both, proactive and reactive communications”.

“You will be organising the coverage of set-piece Buckingham Palace engagements”. This will include many events. Such as, investitures and garden parties and provide support as required for the off-site engagements”.

There will be a list of interviews arranged for the candidates and the best one will be selected.

Representing the royal household among the media and the public is not an easy task. You will be observed at every level and bit of your work. There will be surely a lot of pressure due to work.

The royal family is no ordinary family, so this work will have to be precise and just perfect. Where the work and responsibility will be highly looked after, the candidate will also be enjoying the big change in his/her lifestyle.

The successful candidate would be happy by the selection with a pinch of stress. 

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He will be living in Buckingham Place till the time he works for the royal family. He would get a chance, not once but probably many times to meet Queen Elizabeth which is probably every person’s wish. The selected candidate will also get the chance to travel overseas with the Royals on their tours.