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Why Harry and Meghan cannot hold hands in front of Queen Elizabeth?

Queen Elizabeth

The reason because of which  we are sure that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are madly in love is the bond and understanding they share and make us see.

This royal couple shows us that love can heal every wound.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are regularly seen holding hands and being affectionate with one another at public engagements and royal events. But, during a recent appearance, the newlyweds kept their hands to themselves. 

That was a big surprise for the royal fans. What was the reason behind it?

The reason for not holding hands in that particular event was the presence of Queen Elizabeth. During the Young Leaders Reception at Buckingham Palace on June 26, people spotted a moment when Meghan appeared to reach for her husband’s hand. 

But, what we all saw was different this time. This time Prince Harry quickly clasped his hands together in an apparent effort to avoid holding hands with Meghan.

So, why can’t you hold hands in the presence of Her Majesty?

It is a matter of royal protocol. You have to be ‘stoic’ and not indulge in PDA, especially in front of the Queen. The Duke of Sussex knows the drill when his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth is around, while the new bride is still learning the ropes.

Her Majesty and Prince Philip never show affection in public, despite being married for 70 years.

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Since they made their very first appearance together, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan have held hands. They have even linked their arms in public.

But now, that Meghan Markle is a part of the royal family and is officially a royal, the couple might have to follow the protocol.