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‘It’s a slap in the face’: Harry and Meghan attacked for Baby Sussex decision.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been attacked by a royal expert. What for? Well, for their decision to keep the birth of their baby private.

It comes as a shocking new to many royal fans. As according to many fans, the parents-to-be, Harry and Meghan’s decision to keep their baby’s birth private is quite okay!

In a statement last week, it was revealed: “Their Royal Highnesses have taken the personal decisions to keep the plans around the arrival of their baby private”. Royal commentator, Carole Malone said that the announcement was a ‘slap in the face’ to royal lovers. She questioned why the couple were not prepared to pose.

Ms Malone was observed saying:-

“Someone needs to explain to me how a statement announcing the baby’s name, weight and gender would invade their privacy. Or deny them their precious family time. This is is an unprecedented slap in the face for those legions of decent, ordinary people who love the royals”. 

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It has also been reported that Meghan Markle plans to have a home birth. She has chosen home birth instead of in the Lindo Wing. The Duchess of Sussex is said to not want to pose for the traditional photo on the steps out of ‘nerves’.

Ms Malone added, saying:-

“No one’s expecting Meghan to parade her baby, minutes after giving birth. And of course, they are entitled to private time with Baby Sussex. But, how hard would it be to spend two measly minutes outside the hospital waving and smiling at people who only want to wish them well”?

“Us Brits give so much to the royal family. We also pay for the privilege of having them. Isn’t it time for the royals to give us something back”?

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Some viewers agreed with the royal expert.

With one woman saying on social media: “Quite right! We have watched Meghan keep a hand on her bump for the last nine months. But, now she’s too important to share the baby with the public”.

Others hit back, saying: “People’s entitlement amazes me. It’s their child, they are first time parents. Therefore they deserve some privacy”. Another adding: “Why not just leave her to do what feels best? It’s her pregnancy, her baby and most importantly her choice. It’s not as if there is any shortage of royal babies”.