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Prince Harry took this cute Halloween picture of Meghan Markle.


Well, the Duchess of Sussex has always been an enthusiast when it came to festivities and celebrations. And it was even before she was married to Prince Harry.

This Halloween picture of Meghan Markle is just amazing.

Fans have worked out that this photo of the royal bride, Meghan must have been taken in 2016. And you know what, they could be on to something.

All the timeline work.

They would have been at the start of their relationship at this point. And so, it’s thought that Prince Harry was visiting Meghan Markle at this point.

It’s also thought that the picture originated on the Duchess of Sussex’s previous Instagram account. And it resurfaced again in recent days. This could be down to the fact that they have been the centre of attention since the royal tour began.

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Well, so far so good.

The former Suits star deleted all her social media accounts after she and Harry went official with their relationship. And that’s why this picture is only coming to light now.

This photograph shows Meghan Markle posing with a pumpkin and the photo looks pretty cute. According to some recent reports, this particular photo was first uploaded to Meghan’s social media account.

This photograph then circulated among the royal fans and has come into the limelight just recently. 

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When it was posted at Meghan’s social media account.

At that very time, the description for the photo read as:-

“Happy Halloween, guys! Didn’t get much time for a spooky look this time, but somehow managed to post a picture with a pumpkin”.

Although, they don’t have any personal social media accounts, but Kensington Palace has started to share photos taken by the couple.