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Prince Harry’s royal Christmas gift for his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.


Well, its almost Christmas time. People have started their Christmas decorations. And, the royal family is no less. They have started with their decorations as well.

The most important tradition in this festival is giving presents to your loved ones. 

Recently, we discovered that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate gifted his sweet brother-in-law, Prince Harry with a rather hilarious present one Christmas.

And, it turns out that Prince Harry also loves a good joke gift.

Apparently, it’s a long-standing tradition in the British royal household to exchange funny presents every year. And according to some recent reports, the annual gift-giving happens at 6 pm every Christmas Eve.

One year, the Duke of Sussex, Harry gave his grandmother, the Queen, a shower cap but not just any shower cap. It was one with the words ‘ain’t life a bitch’.

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Well, that was something of a bold move.

Her Majesty owns an ‘Ain’t life a Bitch’ shower cap. The verdict? Apparently she loved it, finding it hilarious. You need someone to bring the craic when it comes to the dinner too. And Harry sounds very much like that person.

Every year, the royal does his best to ensure he’s the winner when it comes to Christmas crackers and we have to laugh. According to some reports, a royal source once shared exactly what goes on behind the scenes during the festive period.

The source revealed:-

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“The Duke of Sussex would always go around the table at Sandringham swapping the crackers around. He made sure he placed the heaviest at his place setting. He still does it”.

Possibly the best thing we have heard about Christmas with the royals is the tradition that Prince George and Princess Charlotte get to enjoy every year.

Their grandmother, Kate’s mother, Carole, always puts a mini tree in the room. They are staying in so that they have the opportunity to decorate it themselves.