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How did Prince Harry celebrate his 33rd birthday?


Prince Harry, who is indeed the world’s most popular and handsome Prince, turned 33 years old yesterday.

When going back to the time of September 15, 1984, people recalled the moment it was announced that Princess of Wales, Diana had given birth to a Royal baby boy. That was then followed by ecstatic cheers from the waiting crowd.

Henry Charles Albert David, who was at that time third in line to the British throne, was presented to the cameras of the world. It was on the steps of St Mary’s Hospital in London the following day.

Two-year-old Prince William was clinging to his father, Prince Charles’ hand. Then was led into the hospital to meet his new younger brother. Shortly afterwards Prince Charles reappeared with his wife, Diana who cradled the newest addition to her family in a white blanket.

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“Less than 24 hours after going through the natural childbirth, Princess Diana and her newborn baby boy left the hospital. Princess Diana was looking, just look for yourself”- The newscaster said and pointed towards the video.

A radiant Diana smiles at the people who had gathered for the first-ever glimpse of Prince Harry.

In these 33 years, Harry has found himself pushed back to sixth in line to the throne. Well, this is with the birth of Prince William’s two children George and Charlotte and one more which is on his way. But Prince Harry, adores his nephew and niece and one more who is still to come.


Meghan is expected to make a surprise appearance at the Invictus Games next week in her home city of Toronto. So it’s likely that she and Prince Harry will quietly celebrate his birthday once they are reunited in Canada.

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A new memorial garden in Princess Diana’s memory was recently planted at her son, Prince Harry’s home of Kensington Palace.

The recent 20th anniversary of Princess of Wales, Diana’s death, the Royal announcement of Kate’s pregnancy and increasing interest in Prince Harry’s relationship with Meghan Markle have brought about an inevitable wave. For now, we hope Prince Harry gets to relax and enjoy his birthday celebration in Toronto.