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A Piece of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Wedding Cake Is Going Up for Auction


There were many of you who wanted to attend Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal wedding, but somehow you couldn’t. Well, this time The Royal UK brings you one of the most happening news of the year.

You’ll be thrilled to hear that now, you can get both your hands on some of the famous tiered Royal wedding cake from their big day.

The Royal couple, are soon auctioning off a portion of their actual Royal wedding cake to the highest bidder. This would mean to shell out hundreds or maybe thousands of pounds to get even a small piece of cake that’s older than Prince George.

But then who doesn’t want a proper slice of Royal History? I am sure, many do.

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According to reports, a piece of the eight-tier fruit cake which is designed by Fiona Cairns will be sold soon. It will go to that one person with the ‘Sweetest tooth and biggest bank account‘ at Chiswick Auction house falling month.

The original bake boasted seventeen different types of floral texture, a request from Kate Middleton herself. Those that featured on the fourth tier were said to be replications of some architectural designs at the Royal estate.

The center of attraction:

The Royal cake was indeed the center piece of their Royal wedding reception at Buckingham Palace. There were reports that the cake took around five weeks to make from start to finish.

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The part of the cake that is being offered to the public will come in a special cream and gold tin. It will be just like those that were given to the Royal guests to keep on the wedding day.

The auction will start from approximately £800. So if you’ve got a fair amount of your savings and you’re absolutely free on September 27th, go to the auction and try your luck.

The auction is aimed to raise the money for charity for the needy. So your cash will be going towards a good cause.