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A heartbreaking story: A simple gift Charles never gave to Princess Diana

Prince Charles

Prince Charles has recently revealed that he never gave his wife a single flower despite his love for gardening and flowers.

Prince Charles, as we all know, is a very outspoken person and recently made the revelation.

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The wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer took place on Wednesday 29 July 1981 at St Paul’s Cathedral in London, United Kingdom. The marriage lasted for Princess Diana for 15 years until her death in 1997. Princess of Wales, Diana, used to get “excited” whenever anyone personally brought her bunches to Kensington Palace, reports the Daily Mail. But unfortunately her husband Prince Charles, who she married in 1981, never did the same.

Paul Costelloe, 72, Princess Diana’s outspoken personal dress designer – who is well-known for creating the iconic British Airways uniform in 1992, said his “most amazing” work was for Princess Diana. In the past, he has criticized the members of the royal family. In the year 2015, he sparked a new controversy by claiming that Kate Middleton’s fashion sense was “quite disappointing”.

Speaking to Sunday Times, he said: “My most amazing work was for Diana. I got paid really well there – nice little cheques, signed by Prince Charles – probably reluctantly.”
On being asked what it was like designing for Princess Diana, he claimed: “I would go to Kensington Palace and bring her a bunch of flowers each time.

He also added that,

         “She was very much thrilled. But, I don’t think he (Charles) ever gave her a flower.”

Prince Charles is also known for his love of gardening. In the 1980’s he bought the stately home Highgrove House and said about pouring his “heart and soul” into transforming 25 acres of barren grounds.

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Diana, married him the following year, but never took any interest in the project, viewing the garden only as a convenient place to take walks. She would mostly watch television or read magazines.

Charles left his wife to her own devices and, as a beginner gardener, inquired to close friends and professionals for guidance.
They readily offered their services for free, without any reluctance.

So, does Prince Charles really regret not giving Princess Diana any flowers? Well, only he knows the answer.