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Ever wondered why Duchess Catherine is forbidden from signing autographs for fans?


Duchess Kate has posed for a selfie while meeting fans. But if you ask the royal to sign an autograph, she will have to politely decline.

The same rule applies to Princes William & Harry & Duchess Meghan, and even the Queen.

Along with the rest of the British royal family, including Prince William, Prince Harry and the Queen, Kate is forbidden from writing her signature down for members of the public, because of the risk of it being forged, according to the Express.

Her father-in-law, Prince Charles, is said to turn down such requests with the response: “Sorry, they don’t allow me to do that.” He did, however, break protocol back in 2010 when he signed an autograph for a victim of devastating floods, writing ‘Charles 2010’ on a piece of paper, although that appears to be the only occasion.

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You can probably count on one hand how many times a royal has stopped to pose for a selfie with a fan; in the spirit of goodwill, Prince William once obliged a schoolgirl by taking a selfie with her on Christmas Day at Sandringham in 2014. 

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But generally speaking, royals politely decline photographs as they are often focused on an engagement when out in public, and in their working capacity. 

A few years ago, Prince Harry admitted that he “hates selfies”. During a visit to the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, he turned down the request of a young fan, explaining: “No, I hate selfies. Seriously, you need to get out of it (the habit), I know you’re young, selfies are bad. Just take a normal photograph!”

The Queen, meanwhile, has also previously admitted that she finds it “disconcerting” and “strange” when she is faced with a sea of people trying to take selfies with her.

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The implication is that Her Majesty considers it bad manners for wellwishers to be looking at a screen when she makes public appearances as a guest. She spoke about the matter to US ambassador Matthew Barzun, who later told Tatler: “She was essentially saying: ‘I miss eye contact’.”

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