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First look at Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s royal wedding cake.


The second most grand affair of this year, Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding is almost here. And, the royal bride-to-be and the groom are all set for their big day.

Although, all the details were released about the wedding, but this detail, wasn’t.

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank, both have decided to go unconventional this time. As they have planned to serve a chocolate and red velvet cake to their wedding guests tomorrow.

Why unconventional?

Well, the royals have a tradition of having fruit cakes on their wedding day. Why? Because, it is said that, the couple’s wedding cake is preserved for the time when their first child arrives.

It is to be then distributed among the members at the christening of that royal couple’s first born. this tradition has been prevailing in the royal family since the Victorian era.

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Many members of the royal family followed the tradition.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, after the birth of their first child, Prince Charles, had their wedding cake distributed among the members at the time Charles’ christening.  

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate saved it too, for when Prince George’s christening took place. Seeing the picture, it looks like Harry and Meghan would do the same.

British baker, Sophie Cabot will be making the royal couple’s wedding cake.

The unconventional choice has not surprised London based baker Rosalind Miller. She has noted a general trend away from traditional fruit cakes.

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Couples now appear to opt for buttercream fillings, messily painted exteriors and real flowers. For the wedding of Harry and Meghan, baker Claire Ptak crafted a three-part layered lemon and elderflower cake.