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Feud’s season 2 to display the story of Prince Charles and Diana?


It’s almost the time for Feud’s season 2. Royal fans get ready to watch some romance and emotional drama that actually happened between Charles and Diana.

This time, season 2 is all about the Royals and is named ‘Buckingham Palace’.

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With the second season of Feud, Ryan Murphy is taking on Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s divorce. The details are few and far for the series. But, here’s what we do know about the royal drama of Feud: Charles and Diana.

When will the show air? 

As of now, it’s unclear. But, back in April, 2017 Murphy revealed said: “We will be shooting I think, in the late fall and I will be the one casting Charles and Diana.

According to our research, it would premiere sometime in early 2018, but Mr Murphy recently said in a candid interview: “We are he still talking about the show”. This truly indicates that it has not started shooting yet, and there isn’t a cast or script.

Ryan Murphy added: “We’re still deciding it. I do have the new Netflix deal and I have all my shows with Fox. So, I don’t really want to do something unless the script and the cast is ready. Right now, I’m taking my time and just trying to get everything right”.

What will be the timeline of the show?

Prince Charles and Diana’s story will actually begin with filing the divorce papers. It will all about that pain of dissolving of a fairy tale, particularly for Princess Diana. The pilot episode will start with the filing of of divorce papers and will take you up until her death in 1997″.

On regard with this question Murphy said: “It’s going to be super juicy. It’s a very different kind of feud than the feud we told with ‘Bette and Joan’. It’s a love affair feud”.

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Season two will have about ten episodes.

Jon Robin Baitz, who is also best-known for his writing in the show ‘Brothers and Sisters’ is co-writing the script with Murphy. Chances are, Sarandon and Lange will return as executive producers.