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Royal feud? Camilla Parker ‘furious after Duchess of Sussex asks to lessen public duties’!


The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker, is infuriated by the Duchess of Sussex’s request to lessen “her royal duties”.

It has been reported that Meghan Markle wants to focus only on her family, at least for now. As we all know, the Duchess has recently reduced her time in public life due to her heavy pregnancy.

However, there has been a report that a rift has emerged between Prince Harry and Camilla Parker.

Duchess of Cornwall was instead angry at the soon-to-be mother, Meghan’s request to minimise her duties to focus on their growing family. An insider proclaimed: “The Duchess of Sussex is miserable about doing royal engagements. She’s happiest knowing that she is about to be a mother, and she is already a wife.

“And so, she has humbly requested to go less in the public eye. According to some reports, the Duke of Sussex, Harry told his step-mother, Camilla that Meghan wants to minimise her public appearances. And he’s fully supporting her on it. Well, the conversation must have been quite icy.

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The source further claimed that even Her Majesty got a little “frustrated”.

“Queen Elizabeth holds a ‘no-nonsense’ attitude, when it comes to royal duties. Meghan Markle has not shied away from her royal engagements in the last few weeks”.

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The Queen allegedly stated that she “expects Meghan to step up and perform her duties well. But another Buckingham Palace insider has come forward saying that this is ‘only to please the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla’.

The source added, saying:-

“Prince Harry and Camilla Parker had a “minor fight” over this issue. Despite knowing that it is her first ever pregnancy, and from all the suffering due to pregnancy hormones, the Duchess of Sussex has performed her royal duties well, along with her husband, Harry.

Meghan Markle is due any day now. The royal couple have decided to keep the plans of their first born’s private. They will let the world know about the arrival of the baby only when they have spent time as a new family. So, the Baby Sussex will be joining his three cousins, George, Charlotte and Louis any minute now.