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Is Fermented Pomegranate the secret to Kate Middleton’s pregnancy glow?


We all know that the Duchess of Cambridge has been battling severe pregnancy sickness. The Royal mom displayed not just a hint of a baby bump at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, but also a new glow.

It is an old saying that pregnant women should eat pomegranates during their pregnancy. It is a longtime symbol of fertility. There are chances it may be giving her skin an actual boost.

Kate Middleton’s favourite and most used all-natural beauty line, ‘Beauty Skincare’ has just launched their new Pomegranate Glow Enzyme Cleanser. It is a $55 product that counts fermented pomegranate as its key ingredient.

The second product in the beauty range has been in the works ever since the founder, Leila Aalam discovered that the Duchess of Cambridge is a fan of her beauty sleep Elixir. It is an all-natural blend of 14 plant-based oils that help tackle inflammation, redness and skin ageing.

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“The time when I knew that Her Royal Highness, Kate had three bottles of it and was actually using it, it got me really excited to bring out more products. I was just ecstatic”.

Now, exactly one year later, Aalam is launching the new cleanser, a multi-purpose gel-balm hybrid. Not to forget, their most famous customer was the first to receive the new product.

Is Fermented Pomegranate the Secret to Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy Glow?

“I recently hand-delivered a box of products to Kensington Palace myself. So I very well know she received them. The pomegranate enzymes act like a gentle glycolic acid to exfoliate and renew skin, which is perfect for Kate’s skin right now”.


The cleanser contains rose clay to cleanse and copaiba balsam to soothe out the skin and protect against inflammation and ageing. While flower essences of iris, Laurel and Myrtle which incidentally featured in Kate Middleton’s wedding bouquet have been added to heal. This very product can also be layered on and used as an intensive mask.

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“Using this cleanser on her skin, it will slough away the dead skin cells. The anti-inflammations will deal with sensitivity and it will help soothe any blemishes which often appear on the skin. If her skin is suffering at all, it will bring back her very own Royal glow”.