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Fergie reveals how the QUEEN helped in making Eugenie’s wedding a great success.


The newly-wed’s mother, Sarah has revealed how Her Majesty had a hand in the planning of Princess Eugenie’s wedding at St George’s Chapel earlier this month.

Fergie payed a glowing tribute to Her Majesty for her role in the the celebrations.

Talking in an interview, she said: “I cannot be more grateful to Eugenie’s grandmother for making this day so memorable. I am grateful indeed for all the hard work and kindness behind the scenes to make such a special day for my daughter”.

Fergie thanks the monarch for her hard work and kindness behind the scenes.

She also touched on Eugenie’s decision to wear a wedding dress with a low back and forgo a veil. So that she could show her scar from a childhood operation to correct scoliosis. She said:-

“I was so proud of Eugenie standing tall and showing her scar. She is an inspiration to young women everywhere”.

Prince Andrew previously hinted at his mother’s involvement in an interview.

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“It doesn’t make any difference who you are, all the approvals go through Queen Elizabeth anyway. The Queen very firmly said St George’s is where you’re having the wedding”.

“And so, I said aye aye mam, turn to the right, salute and carry on”.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Sarah described how she still ‘loves and admires’ the monarch.

“The Queen and I always got on well, we still do. I uphold everything Her Majesty represents, has given up her life for. For her country, she’s selfless to the grave”.

The Duchess of York is also famously close to her ex-husband Prince Andrew. This is sparking rumours that they might remarry one day. Sarah and Andrew separated in 1992 after just six years of marriage.

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But, she still refers to her former husband as her family.

In an interview in 2016, Fergie intriguingly revealed that she and Prince Andrew have never really split.

“I always think, “have we really?”. We’re divorced to each other right now. But, we have never really left each other. I think the happily ever after. I’m actually writing a book about that too”.