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Expert claims Kate Middleton will have fourth baby and reveals due date.

Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate “really, really wants a fourth child” with the Duke of Cambridge, William, according to royal commentators.

Prince William and Kate Middleton already have three beautiful children, George, Charlotte and Louis.

With the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan set to welcome their new royal arrival in April this year, many are wondering if William and Kate will decide to follow suit with another child. Podcast, ‘Royals’, from Australian magazine, New Idea hears from journalist, Angela Mollard, predict what could be in store for Kate in 2019.

Ms Mollard said:-

“There has been a lot of speculation. But, insiders are saying she will go for her fourth baby. Not this year, but she will. Kate will probably attempt to get pregnant this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if, some time in 2019, we learned that she was going to have a baby in 2020”.

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“A lot of people have speculated that the Duchess of Cambridge will have three children as per her own family. As she’s got a sister and a brother. But she really, really wants that fourth child. Kate is a devoted mother, it’s her greatest and most fulfilling role in life. She just loves children”.

Ms Mollard also added, saying:-

“Kate Middleton really loves the relationship between Prince George and Princess Charlotte. And she would like that for Prince Louis with another sibling close by”. Not only this, Mollard also addressed Kate’s severe morning sickness. It’s a sickness she has struggled with in all of her pregnancies. And which some have thought may make her and William decide against another baby.

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However, Ms Mollard noted: “The morning sickness wasn’t as bad with her third born, Louis as with the other two children. In aristocratic circles in Britain, its a little bit of a status thing. You know, being able to have four children and being able to afford it quite well”. 

Kate Middleton may look to other European royal families for inspiration.

Mollard said: “She has enormous respect for Princess Mary of Denmark and her four children. Seeing how she has managed being a pivotal member of the Danish royal family and yet still have the family that she wanted”.