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Queen Elizabeth has urged people to stop using THIS harmful substance.


Queen Elizabeth has declared a ‘royal war on waste’ after being inspired by a recent documentary. How so? She has urged to stop the use of plastic inside her property.

Queen Elizabeth says it’s high time we stop using things made of plastic.

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In her environmental crusade, Her Majesty has banned plastic straws and bottles from all her royal estates. Buckingham Palace has recently released some plans in a bid to tackle this harmful issue. Queen Elizabeth has pledged to reduce waste from all levels of the royal ranks.

Queen Elizabeth reportedly became very interested in the waste issue after working with Sir David Attenborough.

Her Majesty and Sir David Attenborough worked together to film a documentary about wildlife in the Commonwealth. The pair seemed to get along with each other well as they laughed and joked together.

The new plan on the war against the waste includes a lot of things.

The plastic straws that are being used will gradually phase out of public cafes and will be completely banned in staff dining rooms as well. Further, there will only be china crockery or the recyclable items used by internal caterers at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and the Palace of Holyrood-house.

On asking a spokesperson from Buckingham Palace, he stated:

“Across the organisation, the royal household is truly committed to reducing its environmental impact. In accordance of that, we have taken a number of practical steps to cut back on the use of plastics. So, at all levels, there’s indeed a strong desire to tackle this harmful issue”.

Not to forget, Queen Elizabeth isn’t the only environmentally conscience royal.

Prince Charles has been observed several times speaking about the harmful plastic waste wreaking havoc in the oceans. The Buckingham Palace is also going green with a refurbishment program set to cost about £369 million.

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This will see electrical cabling and heating systems replacement. The most important step taken is that this refurbishment will also include installing solar panels on the roof.