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Queen Elizabeth and Donald Trump fly to Scotland for some golf?


Trump is staying at one of his luxury golf resorts in Turnberry. It is still unclear whether the Queen will stay at Palace of Holyroodhouse or Balmoral Castle.

US President will soon wrap up his four-day visit to Britain. He was seen dominating the visit by highly criticizing, British Prime Minister, Theresa May’s Brexit strategy.

Trump is staying at one of his luxury golf resorts in Turnberry, southwest of Glasgow, in a private part of the trip. After this, he heads to Russia for a meeting with President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, a vicious critic of Trump, has already refused to meet him. A major anti-Trump rally is being planned in Edinburgh on Saturday after a mass protest in London Friday that organisers said drew more than 250,000 people.

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A pro-Trump demonstration is also due to be held in London by alt-right campaigners, as well as a counter, anti-fascism protest. In an unprecedented interview with Friday’s edition of The Sun tabloid, Britain’s most widely read newspaper, Trump said May’s set up for post-Brexit ties with the EU would “probably kill” prospects for a UK-US trade deal.

Trump said he had suggested May take a distinct strategy on Brexit, telling the paper: “I would have done it a lot of otherwise. I actually told Theresa May how to do it however she didn’t agree, she didn’t hear me”.

The unprecedented criticism comes at a very sensitive time for May, who is facing a rebellion by Brexit hardliners against her proposals to retain strong trading ties with the EU even after Britain leaves the bloc.

After meeting May at her Chequers country retreat outside London on Friday, Trump sounded additional conciliatory, saying that bilateral relations “have never been stronger”.

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“Whatever you are doing is okay with the United States, just ensure we can trade together, that’s all that matters,” he told May. “The united states look forward to finalising an excellent bilateral trade deal,” he said, and repeatedly praised May’s leadership, saying she was a “terrific woman”.

The president followed his Chequers meeting by having tea with Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle alongside first lady Melania Trump.

He walked ahead of the 92-year-old queen while inspecting troops and didn’t bow when he met her — a couple of minor protocol breaches — however, the meeting went smoothly.