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Is Prince William already taking Monarchy lessons from the Queen?


While all our grandmothers were telling us stories in our early childhood, Queen Elizabeth was giving her grandson, William, lessons on how to rule the well-established British Empire.

What’s on the list? Observation, observation, and more observation. According to our Royal sources, the monarch has quietly been letting Prince William shadow her since he was in his teenage age.

Robert Lacey, the consultant for Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ quoted:

“Queen Elizabeth would have him at Windsor Castle and would open the state boxes and guide him through all the papers. It was Prince William’s constitutional education”.

‘State boxes’ is the euphemism for Queen Elizabeth’s daily stack of official papers. She goes through them each and every single day except for two. Those two days are Christmas and Easter. When Prince William takes the British throne, he will have to do the same.

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As we all know, the best technique for making somebody understand something is by using examples. Well, Queen Elizabeth did the same. She’s now, been on the British throne for over six decades. It is a countless number of prime ministers, conflicts, and scandals.

According to PEOPLE, Queen Elizabeth has been training William to become King since he was a teenager to ensure he follows the royal path perfectly.

Throughout it all, remarkably she’s remained politically neutral, not seeming like she sides with one party over the other. In fact, when a British tabloid claimed she backed Brexit, Buckingham Palace denied it. Buckingham Palace was reported giving a statement which said:
“The Queen remains politically neutral as she has for many years. The referendum is a matter for the British people to decide and not the Monarch. Instead, she believes her duty is to be the one who ‘advises and warns'”.

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Prince William has taken this to heart, noting fondly to The Royal UK that, his grandmother is indeed ‘above politics’. He also, in 2012, called her an ‘incredible role model’.

Prince William, no doubt, will be his own ruling Monarch soon. Maybe even one that doesn’t live in Buckingham Palace. But it seems like he will be taking many pages out of Queen Elizabeth’s playbook.