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Queen Elizabeth’s ‘rebel sister’ Princess Margaret never forgave Princess Diana.


Princess Diana’s biggest enemy behind palace doors wasn’t her husband, who was reportedly having an affair with his ex-girlfriend, but rather his aunt, the Countess of Snowdon.

British author Craig Brown recently published a book on Queen Elizabeth II’s sibling titledNinety-Nine Glimpses of Princess Margaret”.

Brown told The Royal UK that he was able to track down some friends and other sources close to Margaret, who died in 2002 at age 71 after suffering a series of health woes.

“People are willing to speak out about her. I suppose it’s because of the length of time. Her contemporaries are still alive and their attitudes have changed. And that era is gone too now”.

One of the tales many were willing to dish.

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It was on Margaret’s strained relationship with the Princess of Wales. She famously gave a shocking interview in 1995 to BBC, declaring to 23 million viewers, saying:-

“There were three of us in this marriage. So it was a bit crowded”, in reference to her crumbling marriage to Prince Charles and his mistress, Camila Parker Bowles.

Brown also added:-

“Margaret was one of the first royals to openly welcome Diana into the House of Windsor. Yet, she believed it was an unforgiving act of betrayal to the royal family”.

“She wasn’t keen on others misbehaving. Broadcasting your feelings to the world without a warning was considered a betrayal even if what Diana was alleging was true”.

Brown claimed Margaret never forgave Diana, even in death.

On the day of the princess’ funeral, other members of the royal family properly bowed their heads as her coffin passed, except for Princess Margaret.

She offered only the most cursory of nods, almost as though she were warding off a fly. In fact, she didn’t like the flag being lowered to half mast.

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Brown said that if Margaret were alive, chances are she would have welcomed American actress Meghan Markle, who married Prince Harry. However, their friendship wouldn’t have lasted long.

“Quite often these things started off very happily. With Diana and Sarah, she loved them at first. She was Diana’s favourite of the royal family because she was so welcoming”.

“But at some point, Meghan would have done something wrong. Or even just with Meghan’s father or sister being so difficult. Maybe that would have sparked something in Margaret”.