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This old pic of Queen Elizabeth photo bombing a selfie will totally make your day


Celebrity’s selfie and photo bombing have sure been a common trend nowadays (we’re looking at you, Miley)

We never thought we’d see Queen Elizabeth taking part in this photo-bombing trend!

Well! Queen Elizabeth totally proved us wrong again, when she decided to photobomb a selfie. She’s even giving us a rarely seen smile. This picture was taken by two young Australian, girls hockey team, players. A photo-bomb fit for a queen!

The Australian women’s hockey team received a royal photobomb when Queen Elizabeth II made an unscheduled visit during their practice session. Known as the “Hockeyroos,” the Australian hockey team was warming down after their 4-0 win over Malaysia. The queen of England, Queen Elizabeth,  arrived early for a Wales-England match.

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The Australian players were ecstatic and enthusiastic over the surprise and unexpected appearance of the Queen. They immediately began firing off selfies, hoping to get a shot of the queen as she walked by.

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The Queen photobombed two members of the Australian hockey team as they posed for a selfie

“Ahhh The Queen photo-bombed our selfie!!” hockey player Jayde Taylor tweeted, revealing a picture with teammate Brooke Peris as a cheerful Queen Elizabeth smiled behind them.

Back in the year 1982, the queen was photographed at the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane holding a sports program that had a beer on the back cover, creating the humorous illusion that she had been enjoying a cold one.

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The girls’ strategic photo skills resulted in one of the most entertaining pictures of Queen Elizabeth in the history of the games. Please note this picture is from the 2014 Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow.

Thank you girls

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