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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip will keep their platinum anniversary a private affair.


Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain and her husband, Prince Philip are ready to break with tradition. According to the reports, they have refused to hold a national celebration for their 70th wedding anniversary.

We all have witnessed them marking their silver, golden and diamond anniversaries with national services of thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey in past.

However, our Royal sources have said that this time they have no plans to take part in any big public event when they reach 70 years of marriage.


The reigning monarch and Philip will become the first members of the Royal Family to celebrate a platinum wedding anniversary. This remarkable milestone will be marked by the release of a host of commemorative souvenirs.

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These all will include a new set of double-headed platinum coins, a new biography of the couple and an event to raise money for one of their charities.

The one important thing the whole world will not be able to do is, see them marking this great occasion.

A royal source said:

“Any celebration will be a private, family affair. There will be no public event”.

The Buckingham Palace in a statement has declined to explain why the oldest couple have taken this decision. The only statement which was given was: “it was their express wish”.

Queen Elizabeth’s decision not to officially mark the anniversary may be linked to Philip’s decision to stand down in the summer from an official programme of public duties. Aides have insisted it would have no effect on reigning monarch’s approach to her public work.

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Monarch lovers may argue that after 65 years of the throne and dedicated service to the nation with Prince Philip, she has earned the right to some time off.

Old or not, she still does a remarkable amount for a woman and so did Prince Philip. Now, she is completing only about 50 percent of the workload she undertook when she was younger.