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Christmas Special: Queen Elizabeth is looking for a new chef.


If you are a Demi Chef di Partie, who wants to live in the Buckingham Palace and wants to earn 20,000 pounds a year, you are indeed lucky. Queen Elizabeth is hiring.

If you dream of living like the Royals, your dream is about to come true now. The once in a lifetime opportunity is here.

The Buckingham Palace recently posted the listing and described the job as quoted below:

This is no ordinary Demi Chef de Partie job. In our state-of-the-art kitchen, you will have to prepare classical and contemporary menus for a wide range of events. You will learn essential skills that will provide stepping stones for a great career.

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Well, it sounds like a great starting position. And unlike your friends who are just planning to begin their careers with normal salaries, you will have the opportunity to live in the palace for free. Now, the amount of 20,000 pounds seems like quite a full.

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Not only will the chosen candidate know what Queen Elizabeth will be having for her dinner, but he will also get 33 days off per year.
Well, with all of this, with any luck the person they hire could also add a royal wedding to his/her resume.

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The description further states that the person with the right chops for the royal chef job will be ‘ambitious’ with a lot of enthusiasm to deliver across all four sections of the kitchen. He should also have strong communication skills and a pure passion for food.

According to our observations, chances are that the new royal chef will have a hand in whipping up the feast for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s May 2018 royal wedding at the Windsor Castle.