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Queen Elizabeth’s greatest vice is probably hiding in your pantry


The cake is meh. Snickerdoodles are whatever you may think of. But chocolate? Chocolate is love, a love forever—even Queen Elizabeth agrees. 

After a busy day of being the world’s longest-ruling monarch and an adoring mother to four corgis, the Queen absolutely loves to unwind with a decadent piece of dark chocolate

. All this was reported by her former private chef, Darren McGrady.

“She’s a creature of habit in the sense that the Queen actually eats to live, not lives to eat…The one thing she really loves is [dark] chocolate…the darker the better, for the Queen” The Royal Chef at Home author, tells The Royal UK.

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A special cake for her Majesty on her Birthday?

Just like most of us who have family recipes passed down from mom and grandma, the Royals have a family birthday chocolate cake recipe that dates back to Queen Victoria and written by her chef Gabriel Tschumi who rattled pans in the royal kitchens as long ago as 1899.

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It’s a recipe that is made twice a year for Queen Elizabeth. This is so because Her Majesty has an official birthday in June and real birthday April 21st each year.

But it’s not just the Queen who loves this decadent chocolate treat. Every member of the royal family requests “The” Chocolate too.

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So even Queen Elizabeth can’t resist the sweet succulent taste of dark Ghiradelli. We all have our vice(s). Some are just sweeter than others.