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Queen Elizabeth’s favourite food is THIS heavenly sweet treat.

Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty has healthy eating habits and prefers frugal meals to five-course dinners. But, there is something even the Queen can’t resist.

Queen Elizabeth cannot really resist this one type of chocolate.

Former Buckingham Palace chef, Darren McGrady revealed that the 92-year-old reigning monarch is a proper ‘chocoholic’. And despite not being fussy at all about every other meal, she won’t eat just any candy bar.

When it comes to chocolate, he says she has a very clear demand.

Chef McGrady said: “Queen Elizabeth likes chocolate, but only dark chocolate. For her, the darker the better. She’s not a big fan of milk or white chocolate”.

“The Bendicks bitter-mints, small dark chocolate treats filled with mint which also earned the royal warrant in 1962, are Her Majesty’s favourite for snacking.

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Darren McGrady, the former royal chef got to know her eating habits as he cooked for her for more than 10 years. 

Chef McGrady revealed, saying: “When the Queen is on her own, she is very frugal and asks only for grilled or poached fish. And they are accompanied by vegetables and a simple salad”.

“She avoids eating potatoes or starch as much as possible. But, her snacks are far more elaborate. Well, on the observations I have made, Queen Elizabeth’s love for chocolate is the only lavish eating habit she has”.

“In my opinion, the Queen simply eats to live and not living to eat. Her frugality is in stark contrast with the lavish state dinners she has attended during her long reign”.

“She’s indeed very disciplined like that. The Queen can have anything she wants, but it is that discipline that keeps her so well and so healthy”.

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Her Majesty has healthy eating habits.

Her healthy eating style includes bringing to the table home-grown vegetables, fish and pheasants from her various estates. According to some reports, Queen Elizabeth loves to eat food from the estate.

The reigning monarch may have passed onto Prince Charles her healthy habit, as he has always been a fierce supporter of organic food.

Chef McGrady, who on occasions also cooked meals for the crown’s heir said: “Prince Charles was organic before organic was even invented”.