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How the Duke of Sussex, Harry saved his royal bride, Meghan?


It has just been a month since the wedding, and Meghan is all into her royal duties. Be it solo appearance with the Queen or going to a wedding, she is doing it all.

Recently, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were spotted at a cousin’s wedding.

Just a few days on from touring Chesire with Queen Elizabeth, Meghan’s royal duties have since taken her to Lincolnshire in the UK to stand by her beloved husband to watch his cousin, Celia McCorquodale, tie the knot.

Though, at the time of arriving at the ceremony, Meghan Markle almost had a fall.

A video footage of the pair arriving for the ceremony has been released. Although, Meghan has already set tongues wagging with her $7,000 Oscar de la Renta dress, it is Prince Harry’s lovingly watchful eye that has captured all of our attention.

The couple was walking together down a hill towards the St. Andrew and St. Mary’s Church where the wedding of Princess Diana’s niece was to take place. 

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There you can see Meghan’s heel appear to get caught in the mud. The Duke of Sussex then, tightens his grip, allowing his bride to steady herself, before the two continued towards the church.

To see the footage released, please click the link below. 

Clearly, in Harry’s eyes, his wife is the one and only, and could never put a foot out of line.

Also, that this is why he probably wouldn’t care what Meghan wore. Be it to their royal wedding, for her tour of Cheshire with the Queen, and even to this wedding. However, the Duchess of Sussex’s blue, floral and boho-looking dress has left royal fans divided.

Indeed, the divisive Oscar de la Renta dress appears to be a far cry from her usual structured ensembles. Not only that, but her fascinator has a little less uniqueness than those that she wore earlier to Trooping The Colour and Christmas with Queen Elizabeth.

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But, we believe we know the reason.

Meghan was following in Kate’s footsteps and opted to not overshadow the bride on her special day. Think about it! At Meghan and Harry’s wedding, Catherine went for a cream coat dress.

It was almost identical to the coat dress she wore for Princess Charlotte’s christening. It’s classic, chic, but not so showy. She did it so because she didn’t want to steal the attention from the bride.