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How the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge keep their kids’ lives normal?


As members of the British royal family, it’s hard to imagine that Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and Prince Louis live ordinary lives. But to our surprise, they do.

 And, it’s true.

According to some new and special reports, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate and William do everything they can to ensure that their three children live as normal lives as possible.

A royal insider, told The Royal UK that:-

“Prince William and Kate Middleton very much prioritize bringing up their lovely children in as normal as environment as possible”.

Apparently, this kind of normality takes precedence throughout the day, and starts from first thing in the morning. Some reports suggest that Prince George is driven to his school, Thomas’s of Battersea in London, by either his mother or his father.

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Meanwhile, Princess Charlotte, whose nursery is within walking distance of the family home, is walked there by one of her parents too.

Instead of enlisting a member of staff with these duties, the royal couple, William and Kate endeavour to put their children first.

Same kind of normality is there at their home too.

When it comes to their home in Kensington Palace’s Apartments, Charlotte is apparently a great hostess. As per our royal source: “She’ll come up to guests and ask them if they want tea or coffee or offer them sweets”. 

This isn’t the first time that Kate and William have seen trying to keep their children’s lives normal. Earlier this month, Kate was spotted doing some back-to-school shopping with the kids, as they looked for new school shoes.

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And well, this we all know that the Duchess of Cambridge, has often been seen grocery shopping for the family, too. In fact, Kate took Prince George to school the day after she gave birth to Louis.