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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting twins?


The Royal baby is coming! We repeat the Royal baby is on its way. The Duke of Cambridge and Duchess of Cambridge officially announced the arrival of their third child sometime back near September 2017.

The whole world is excited and cheered up.

As Kate is only a few months into her Royal pregnancy, here’s everything we know so far about Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s future brother or sister.

The baby will arrive in April.

Kensington Palace finally announced Kate’s due date today, and the timing confirms earlier suspicions of a spring baby. An anticipated April birthday means that the Duchess will be far along when she goes on an official visit to Scandinavia early next year.

Potential names include Alice, Victoria and James.

Some sites have already released odds on the future Royal’s official moniker. The most favourite is Alice. It was the name of Queen Victoria’s second daughter and Prince Philip’s grandmother. The other favourites are Elizabeth, Victoria and Alexandra for a baby girl. Potential male picks include James, Albert and Alfred. These suggestions follow the royal tradition of honouring past monarchs and relatives. Of course, royal babies usually receive at least three names, but no surnames.

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She may be expecting twins.

While the multiple birth rate in Great Britain hovers around 1 or 2 for every 1,000 pregnant women, some tabloids claim that Kate Middleton is of one of them. Life & Style reports that not only is the Duchess of Cambridge expecting twins, but she already knows the gender. An anonymous source says that she will double her brood with a pair of identical girls.

But then, she also wants them to ‘be seen as individuals and allowed to develop their own personalities’. Although it’s still the early days. And similar ‘news’ surfaced during her other pregnancies as well. Well, the thought of two matching Princesses is indeed and definitely an exciting one.

The new heir will change British succession history.

For the first time ever in the British history, the sex of the Royal baby will not impact who’s next in line to the throne. All thanks to the passage of the Succession to the Crown Act in 2013. It stated that the male heirs don’t take precedence over their sisters.

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Now, this means a baby boy cannot ‘bump’ our little Princess Charlotte from her spot. However, Prince Harry will move down to sixth in line with the new arrival, along with the rest of the extended Royal relatives.