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The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan makes history, again.


We all know that Meghan Markle is not ordinary woman. Neither she is now, nor she was back in America, when she was working as an actress. She just doesn’t quit.

The new British royal bride, Meghan Markle is no stranger to making history.

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How about this for starters and most importantly, she’s the first ever black woman to marry into the British royal family. Second, she walked herself down the aisle. And third, she’s the first Duchess of Sussex in the entire history of the kingdom.

Now, she wouldn’t be Meghan Markle if she didn’t continue to make history.

The Duchess of Sussex has recently achieved something that is all about her hard work and dedication. The latest achievement that she can add to her impressive resume is something really special for her.

Her latest achievement is becoming the first ever member of the British royal family to be submitted for Emmy consideration. This is basically due to her work on USA Network’s show, Suits.

So, basically, USA chose her to be nominated for the ‘Outstanding Supporting Actress’ in a Drama Series category.

Meghan officially retired from the showbiz to become the best British Duchess and humanitarian she can be. So, Suits could be her last shot at an Emmy. But, we have to agree, Meghan does have some great acting chops.

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But then again,  her chances of actually making it into the formal nomination pool are just a tad. Why? That’s because in the show’s first six seasons, none of the main cast received nominations.

Though, we are keeping our fingers crossed. Honestly, it would be lovely to see her take the stage to accept her award and deliver a super inspiring speech.