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The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan’s life in danger?


Meghan Markle’s security team will be massively increased over the next few months. As the royal bride will need more protection from the public for some time.

Wondering if there is threat to her life? 

Well, the former Suits actress is in the spotlight more than ever now. It is after she announced her first pregnancy this year. The royal baby is expected to be born in May.

According to Matt Fiddes, a security expert:-

“The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan is now more at risk due to her condition. I have witnessed it with Michael Jackson’s children. Everyone will fight to get a picture of that baby bump”.

“And that will be because, that child will go down in history. That’s what happened in Australia and Fiji too. It is more dangerous now that she is pregnant for sure”.

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“I know paparazzi and all this media, and they can be very tough when they want to get something out of you. There have been many instances where they have knocked people over”.

Something like that happened during Meghan’s tour of Fiji.

Meghan’s tour of a Fiji market was cut short due to a security threat. Referring to it, Mr Fiddes added that it was handled well. But, he would have advised against announcing the pregnancy before their Oceania tour.

He explained: “They should have made the announcement after returning from Australia. Because it just ended up making the crowds even crazier”.

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So, Meghan Markle will have her security team increased over the next few months?

To this, Mr Fiddes answered positively. He said: “They will 100 percent hire more security for Meghan. I have seen it with other celebrities. As they become more and more pregnant, there will always be more demand”.

“She will restrict her royal engagements and increase her security massively. There will be more security than at any other royal births. Even more security than there was when Kate was first pictured with George, Charlotte and Louis”.

The Royal UK has contacted Kensington Palace for comment.