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The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan’s due date revealed.

Due Date

We already know, that Meghan Markle is due in April with her first child. However, this time, we have something which is more accurate information. 

She had previously hinted that her first child would be an April baby through her jewellery.

The soon-to-be parents, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended a public engagement in the town of Birkenhead on Monday. There, at the couple’s visit, they told the crowd when the Duchess of Sussex was due to give birth to their first child. 

Surprisingly, the crown did get an answer.

Carla Gandy from nearby Wallasey, who was there with her 4-year-old daughter told People Magazine that they asked her how her pregnancy was going. To which, she said that she was six months now, and tapped her tummy.

According to People magazine, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan had previously hinted about her baby’s due date. She hinted that her first child would be an April baby through her jewellery. Some reports say that as she kicked off the Sydney Invictus Games in October, fans noticed that she was wearing three stacked rings. It was of different coloured stones by Canadian brand Ecksand.

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According to a royal blogger, Duchy Of Success:-

Those stones may represent the birthstones of the Duke of Sussex, Harry and their future son or daughter. She took to Twitter and wrote: “I’m hoping Meghan’s stacked rings represent their birthstones and Baby Sussex is an April baby”.

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The soon-to-be royal mother had earlier commented on her pregnancy during a visit to Brinsworth House. It’s a residential nursing and care home for British entertainers run by the Royal Variety Charity.

Speaking with the retired West End theatre actress, Josephine Gordon, Meghan said she was doing “very good”. And, with that, she let them know that she is due in late April.