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Duchess Kate is driving force behind Prince William’s success. How?


Kate Middleton is a crucial force behind the success of Prince William. She is the one who pushes him to “greater levels of achievement”. 

Gary Markwick has more than 20 years experience of palm reading and he made this revelatio.

He made this revelation after reading and studying a photograph of the Duchess of Cambridge’s hand. Explaining Kate’s impact on her husband, Mr Marwick told The Royal UK:-

“She will push William towards greater levels of achievement. That;s because she has a strong character, which at times may seem more dominant”.

“Kate knows what she wants, and has always had the ability to be an authoritative person and this will continue”.

There is a lot more Kate Middleton can do, according to the palm reader.

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Mr Marwick went on to state that, Kate can repress her emotions and be semi-detached in some social settings. However, beneath this hard covering, she is very caring and kindhearted.

He claims that: “The Duchess of Cambridge can be a little reserved and may hold back with her emotions. This can and will often be interpreted as selfishness. However, there is another side to her, where she will also give a lot of herself to others”.

“The royal can be very disciplined and likes routine which could appear to be a little cold-hearted. This might be because at times she can be cautious and may find it difficult to express herself”.

“She may sometimes feel a little isolated or distant from the society. And because she gives out so much to others it will always be important for her to be able to detach and restore her energy”.

It was also claimed that Kate Middleton has a natural instinct for safety.

However, like her partner, Prince William, she does enjoy escaping to some remote locations. Mr Marwick said: “There has always been a need for security in Kate Middleton’s life”.

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“Let’s say, for example, having a good job, marriage and a family, that she can feel comfortable with and she has all these now. Kate, like William, will also enjoy escaping to remote hideaways”.

“They will and still does enjoy their privacy, and may often disappear from time to time from the public eye to their favourite retreats”.