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This is how the Duchess of Cornwall celebrated her 71st birthday.


Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker, just turned 71. And, it looks like she had the memorable day of her life. She celebrated her birthday away from home this time.

Along with her beloved husband, Prince Charles, Camilla took a trip to the Scilly Isles, starting with a visit to St Mary’s.

Though it was a royal engagement, with the royal pair opening a newly redesigned quayside, they still managed to fit in a lot of celebrations. This included tucking into a personalised carrot cake.

The cake was presented to the birthday girl at a new harbour side restaurant. The beautifully iced cake was decorated with real carrots and had the words “Happy Birthday Ma’am” written on it with chocolate icing.

This wasn’t the end of their birthday celebrations.

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Next up, Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla took a boat over to St Martin’s. There they were once again greeted by well-wishers and enjoyed a visit to businesses on the island. 

Some of those businesses included a shoe shop, bakery and beach-side fish and chip shop. While taking a trip to the local florist, Camilla was gifted with a beautiful posy.

The Duchess of Cornwall’s birthday cake, in particular, will no doubt have gone down a treat.

Earlier this month, Prince Charles revealed that his wife has a sweet tooth during an engagement in Wales to the Natural Weigh shop in Crickhowell town.

When the shop employees offered the Prince of Wales some of their chocolates, he cheekily declined the offer. And then he said: “It’s my darling wife who likes chocolate”.

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Last year, Camilla Parker Bowles gave a rare insight into her personal life. 

She revealed the other things that make her happy. When asked what gives her the most joy in her life, the royal told The Royal UK: “Obviously, my husband, my family, my friends and to see my grandchildren when they are all playing together and happily”.

She added: “When I come back from a trip, that first moment I see them with their sweet faces gives me such joy. The Prince is a great gardener and I share his passion. Anything I plant, to actually watch it grow gives me great pleasure”.