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The Duchess of Cambridge: I will never go with this on royal outings.


Kate Middleton’s choices have always been followed by many women around the world. Although, this one particular choice has made people questioning her.

 The Duchess of Cambridge will never wear orange coloured attire on royal outings.

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It’s the colour of Halloween, citrus fruits and the second-best flavour of Gatorade. It calls to mind Creamsicles on a hot summer day and open fireplaces in the winter.

According to a colour psychology website, it denotes adventure, happiness and warmth, which are positive and truly attractive attributes. 

But there is an exception.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate has been known to wear head-to-toe colourful concoctions of many varieties and colours.  

After The Royal UK took a deep dive into the royal photo archives, we noticed something strange. We noticed that during her 7 years as the royal bride, Kate Middleton has worn everything from electric blues to magenta pinks. 

But, what she’s never worn is orange.

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The closest she’s ever come to wearing outright orange have been blood red-oranges. And those are distinctly more red than anything else.

Well, clearly as far as the Duchess of Cambridge is concerned, orange is not her type of colour.