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Why the Duchess of Cambridge may never be the Queen?

If Simon Dorante-Day, who is the Australian government executive, can prove he is Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles secret love child, the Duchess of Cambridge will never be Queen.

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge beware!!!

Adding to her woes, Camilla Parker doesn’t want Duchess Kate to become the Queen, at least not before her. Simon wants a DNA test to be done to clarify all doubt.

Currently, the only thing Dorante-Day really has to go on is the fact that his grandparents, Winifred and Ernest Day, worked in one of the Royal households. The couple’s daughter, Karen, and her husband, David, adopted Simon when he was only 18 months old.

Globe interviewed Simon, aged 50, who revealed that his grandmother Winifred has told him many times “that I was Camilla and Charles’s child.”
Why didn’t granny or he, himself, come forward and lay claim to the throne after Prince William was born? Well, we all are wondering the same, aren’t we? Apparently, Winifred was said to be concerned about what would happen if the truth ever came out.

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Oh, and the Days’ were rewarded quite handsomely for their silence during this duration. Following Simon’s adoption, Winifred and Ernest suddenly came into quite a bit of money. Are we supposed to be impressed by that revelation?

Simon also points out that his adoptive grandfather, Ernest Day, was awarded an Imperial Service Medal by Queen Elizabeth which further gives us the proof that there was a Royal cover-up surrounding his birth parents. Simon’s adoptive grandfather just happened to have this opportunity to complete 25 years in service – really not a big deal.

Rifts between Camilla and Kate

Duchess of Cambridge
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are a perfect couple.

Despite being ridiculed by many, receiving death threats, and having to move around his own country for security purposes, Simon is now, no longer afraid. He is determined to prove it to all of them. “I’m not at all scared to take on royal lawyers. I want DNA tests. I want the truth to come out as soon as possible,” he said during the interview with Globe.

One might think Camilla should have revealed it all when Prince William announced his engagement to Catherine Duchess of Cambridge.
Or maybe, after the William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge married?
Everyone knows Camilla will definitely take an opportunity to humiliate the Duchess of Cambridge. Well, why not do so by just proving that another man is actually entitled to be King after Charles?

This is all ridiculous nonsense, don’t you think so? Simon Dorante-Day says he doesn’t want to lay claim to the throne or to the money. He doesn’t want anything, but wants to meet his alleged brothers Prince William and Prince Harry.

He also wants the opportunity to get to know Queen Elizabeth, the woman he believes to be his grandmother. By now, we can only guess that Simon will surely like to get to know Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte, too.



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  1. Wow …… why does everybody has to be all up in the royal family business….. this is their life and not yours, live your life and quit worrying about thiers……. if you would concentrate on your lives you would be better off and knowing what’s going on for your selves.. people is so nose these days they ain’t got time to deal with their own lives much less some one elses…….

  2. A love child is in simple language as far as the throne is concerned is illegitimate.

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