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The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate recently got a tattoo made.


The Duchess of  Cambridge, Kate recently stepped out with her husband, Prince William in Sunderland, North England and it seems like she had a lot of fun there.

Kate Middleton opted for having a tattoo made on her right hand.

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The royal couple, William and Kate were in Sunderland to attend the official opening of the Fire Station. It is one of the city’s most iconic buildings that was recently converted into a hub for various artists.

At the Kate Middleton was seen to be excited and happy.

During the visit, the Duchess of Cambridge received a henna tattoo from a local artist present there. The pregnant royal was observed to be smiling from ear-to-ear as Shajida Begum, an artist who drew a brown flower with a swirl on her right hand.

Kumareswaradas Ramanathas, project manager at Young Asian Voices also gave a statement about Kate’s tattoo.

Ramanathas told the reporters: “After two days it will start disappearing slowly and after two weeks it will be gone completely. After applying it and removing it, it just leaves a dark brown print on the skin”.

“And after some time, the design will be gone, like there was never one made. It’s pretty nice for occasions. These henna designs are generally made in countries like India. They apply it on occasions like weddings. Maybe henna designs get popular among the people here too.

Shajida Begum also said: “I said, Would you like a design? And listening to this, she was like, Yes, if only you don’t mind. She alos mentioned that it was really pretty. I told her about how it actually works. She asked about when can she actually wash it off – I just said, ‘When it becomes flaky”.

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An interesting and additional information is that when Kate Middleton was visiting the place, she saw some bindis that were kept on as displays. She actually asked for them. Kate Middleton also mentioned that she wanted a pack of bindis for her daughter, Princess Charlotte.