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Queen documentary ordered by Philip was BANNED as it threatened the family.


Her Majesty had to personally step-in to block a royal family documentary commissioned by Prince Philip, from ever seeing the light of day again.

This was after she found it was threatening the royals.

In 1969, BBC and ITV aired a film, which followed the British royal family around for an entire year. It included scenes of breakfast time inside Buckingham Palace as well as the Queen’s visits to Chile and Brazil.

All about the documentary.

The two-hour documentary was an idea of Philip as, at the time, he felt the royal family would see their public image improve if they were seen as being more modern, dynamic and informal.

According to experts, the film triumph completed the transformation of Philip from downtrodden outsider to the Windsors’ driving force. He stood for radical change in a very conservative household.

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However, he did not foresee that kind of publicity was to have a sting in the tail.

He didn’t see that those intimate glimpses would feed a hunger for more and more royal revelations. Historian Dr Dominic Sandbrook, explained:-

“From that moment they become fair game for the tabloids in a way they have never been before. That documentary had opened the Pandora’s box and therefore opened themselves up for criticism”.

It was soon put down.

Not long after its release, the Queen decided that the documentary was too intrusive. And it is also said that she ordered the film to be locked into BBC vaults. 

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Not only did the Queen but, Princess Anne also notoriously hated the documentary. She later said: “I never liked the idea of it. I thought it was indeed a rotten idea”.

“The attention which had been brought upon one ever since one was a child, you just didn’t need any more”. Soon after this, the documentary was withdrawn from the public.