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This is going to be the most disruptive event in Britain in the past 70 years


Queen Elizabeth by God’s grace, Queen of this Realm and of Her other Realms, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, is sadly not going to live forever. 

Not soon enough, but there will be a point when her reign will come to an end.

And, what happens then?

For at least 12 days, Great Britain will grind to a halt. It’ll cost the UK billions in lost earnings due to the chaos. The stock markets and banks will likely reach a new low.

And both the funeral and the subsequent coronation will become formal national holidays. But, focusing on the financial aspect doesn’t begin to describe the sheer magnitude of it. 

There will be a long-lasting disruption.

BBC will cancel all it’s comedy shows. The British Commonwealth might even unravel completely. The deaths of Princess Diana and the Queen Mother both brought on waves of mourning.

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But the Queen, due to her longevity and fundamental place atop British society, will be on a whole new level above that. The majority of Britain have never known life without their Queen.

It will be a strange, uncertain time.

In the early hours after Queen Elizabeth’s death, much will depend on the way to her passing. If it is expected, then detailed plans will have been put in place for handling it and making the announcement.

But if it’s sudden or unexpected, the news could get out immediately, in an uncontrolled way. Either way, the majority of staff at the Palace and associated institutions will be immediately sent home.

Her Majesty’s body will then lie in state.

As all this goes on, Her Majesty’s coffin will be prepared to lie in state. It will be presented for public viewing so people can pay their respects.

The Queen’s body will lie in state in Westminster Hall. There will be a short ceremony to mark the coffin’s arrival, after which the public will be able to file past and pay their respects.

This will be followed by a vast funeral. Queen Elizabeth’s body will continue to lie in state until the day of the funeral. We believe this will be 12 days after the death. 

It will probably be the best-attended funeral of all time. World leaders from across the globe will flock to attend. She’s the most senior head of state in the world. Billions of people around the world will watch her funeral.

A year later, and it’s time for a coronation.

After a certain period of mourning, there will be a coronation. It’s a highly ceremonial affair, although the new monarch technically has the ability to do whatever he wants. 

There will be hundreds of changes up and down the country in the weeks and months after Queen Elizabeth’s passing. Like new currency will begin being printed and minted immediately.

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The British national anthem will change. “God Save The Queen” will get new lyrics. It will become “God Save The King” as it was before Queen Elizabeth ascended to the British throne.

Though her death is hopefully a long way off yet, it is definitely coming. And with it, the end of an epic chapter in Britain’s history.