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Royal Disapproval: Meghan Markle’s shocking decision for her baby shower!

Baby Shower

It’s somewhat of a tradition for a soon-to-be mother, to have a baby shower. However, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan might not having one for her baby.

Meghan Markle might not be having a baby shower? The former American actress may not engage in this popular celebration. Surprised? So are we!

It has been widely reported, royal expert, Victoria Arbiter, explained to The Royal UK why a baby shower tends not be on the cards for members of the British royal family. Arbiter said: “They have added pressure that they’re clearly very wealthy. And so, a lavish baby shower would be seen as highly inappropriate”.

There’s nothing they can’t go out and buy themselves.

However, on social networking site, Victoria shared the following message. She suggested that the reports were not necessarily true. “Those misquoted, misinformed baby shower stories seem to be doing the rounds again and again”, she wrote twitter.

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Victoria Arbiter wrote, saying: “The British royal family has to take public perception into account. Given their already privileged and lavish lives, they wouldn’t reveal any kind of gift-giving soiree. As they’d be skewered by the press and the public alike. But Meghan is American”.

“And so, my guess is her deeply loyal posse of girlfriends will want to throw her not just a shower, but quite a lavish and huge shower. If it’s important to her, it will be important to the Duke of Sussex, Harry. And no-one within the royal family is going to object that”.

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All this is quite confusing for now.

This raises a big question, why would Meghan decide not to have a baby shower? Well apparently, it could be a matter of how it would reflect on the royal family. As being a part of the royal family, she cannot just things on her own without thinking it twice.

We certainly hope that the soon-to-be royal mother, Meghan and the royal family get on the same page soon. As the baby is set to arrive soon, and it wouldn’t bode well for the members of the family to be cold towards each-other.