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What it’s like to have dinner with Prince Harry?

It was a sunny morning when Prince Harry sent invitations to the general public for a polo match and gala in Singapore. Lest you get caught up imagining embossed linen stationary and expert calligraphy, those invites were not directly sent by Prince Harry but by his publicist.

There are talks about was this just a PR stunt perfectly engineered to get people’s attention?

According to the people who got invited told The Royal UK that, there was also a footnote explaining that the event wasn’t actually in Singapore. It was rather, a Singapore-themed restaurant in New York. Also, it wouldn’t be hosted by the actual Prince Harry. It would rather be hosted by Prince Harry’s impersonator.

Prince Harry enjoying his dinner.

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The invitation was not a fake one. Each year, Prince Harry hosts Sentebale Royal Salute Polo Cup. A high-profile polo match to benefit his charity. This charity raises funds for children suffering from HIV. Also only a handful of media is chosen to attend the event.

During the match, all eyes were on the Prince.


Besides the trip and seeing Prince Harry for real, people were much more curious to see how the whole process actually works. 

Just before the first course of meal was served, Prince Harry took the stage. He made an impassioned speech about the importance of giving a voice to children.

Then Prince Harry returned to his seat for dinner after a rousing applause. He spent his time on the meal, while chatting with his table mates.

Inside the St. Regis Singapore’s Presidential Suite

Everyone kept a respectful distance from “Table 18”, where the Prince was seated. But as the night wore on and guests became increasingly lubricated, all the guests were seen moving closer to the Prince Harry’s table. 

And just like that, the Prince was gone.

It was also noted that the people were very happy and had all there focus onto Prince Harry. 



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