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Why is it so difficult to buy gifts for Queen Elizabeth?


Queen Elizabeth is sweet but can be tough to deal with when it comes to presenting her with gifts. Why will not will be?

Queen Elizabeth recently revealed that she sympathises particularly to those people that give her presents.

During one of her interviews with Sir David Attenborough, Her Majesty said: “The dignitaries tend to give me the tried and tested gifts. I’ve been quite difficult to give presents to, so they’ve said, ‘Oh, let’s give her a plant”.

Luckily, the Queen is a huge fan of plants, and she also has a sprawling garden at home.

During her discussion with Attenborough, Her Majesty also talked about the mulberry tree that was planted in the early 1600’s by James I.

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She said: “They chose the wrong variety and so the silkworms didn’t produce anything. It was a great disappointment to him, I believe”.

Meanwhile, The Royal UK has enumerated the kinds of gifts that Queen Elizabeth has received throughout her reign.

Well, according to our findings, some of the items the Queen has received include Canoe carving from the Solomon Islands with a vase from Lobmeyr Austria.

She has also received a painted truck with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip from Pakistan, a pair of thrones from Yoruba Nigeria, and there are many more.

But, our Queen is not the only one that receives the presents.

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She also gives her family, friends, and other officials some gifts. During one of her visits to the Vatican to meet Pope Francis, Her Majesty announced that she gave the pope a rib of beef and a dozen eggs.

In 2015, Queen Elizabeth gave China’s president, Xi Jinping, a silver-framed photograph of herself and Prince Philip. She added a personal touch to it by writing some of Shakespeare’s sonnets behind it.

Several years ago, Queen Elizabeth also gave the Royal Swans to the city of Ottawa to commemorate the Canadian Centennial. And when it comes to her royal staff, she once gave them silver-plated coasters for Christmas