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Princess Diana didn’t go according to this royal protocol.


Diana’s fashion has been the talk of the town for decades. A new exhibition reveals more about her fashion choices – including some amazing stories.

Princess Diana was extremely thoughtful and creative about her clothing.

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She had one famous outfit, a bright floral dress. The floral one, in particular, was her favourite dress for hospital visits and trips to see children in tough circumstances.

In doing so, she went against the royal protocol. But why?

The beautiful floral dress came with a hat and was expected to be worn with the gloves. But, Princess of Wales, Diana refused the official protocol with the outfit. Firstly, she refused to wear the hat, and then she resisted wearing the gloves.

This dress was symbolised a happy go lucky woman. Diana often wore the same happy floral dress for hospital visits. Diana personally, called it her ‘caring dress’. If you look at the pictures of her visits, you will be able to make out that she is not wearing gloves.

Wearing gloves when on a public outing, is indeed a royal protocol.

It was just an ordinary protocol which the Royals had to follow. You must be wondering why? Well, when the royals go out at visits they are not allowed to give autographs or to take selfies. The least they could do is a proper and well-kept handshake with the people. As a protection, against any harm, that might affect them, they are asked to wear gloves.

But, as we all know by now, Princess Diana was a woman with her own set of rules. She was so the king and caring that she ditched it because she liked to hold hands with people especially with the little ones. She felt, that a skin-to-skin contact was indeed a powerful action. Whatsoever might be her rules, she was the people’s Princess and will be, forever.

A royal biographer, Eleri Lynn said: 

“The original sketch of the dress came with a hat, but she didn’t wear a hat. Diana said: ‘You can’t cuddle with children while wearing a hat’. When she would visit hospitals, she would always wear cheerful clothes that would convey warmth. 

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It’s been about 20 years since Princess Diana was tragically killed. But, we’re still finding new ways to love her more than ever. The exhibition at Kensington Palace showcasing Diana’s most iconic outfits through all these years is one of the many ways for expressing it.