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How Princess Diana broke a royal tradition that had been around for hundreds of years?


The British royal family is known for its firm stand when it comes to certain traditions that are still going on for more than hundreds of years now.

Basically, the royal family is steeped in hundred of years of tradition.

Some may call them out of date and archaic. But these royal traditions have allowed them to maintain an actual monarchy, that is so strong. Anyway, throughout these years, there have been members of the family that chose to change some of those traditions.

What was he goal behind it?

Its quite simple actually. It was to modernise the royal family, while also making life easier for its members. The Princess of Wales, Diana was one of those trailblazers. She chose not to strictly follow all the royal protocols. In fact, there was this one tradition in particular that Princess Diana broke. Despite the fact that it had been around for hundreds of years.

According to royal author, Katie Nicholls, late Princess Diana rewrote royal history for choosing not to give birth to the heir to the British throne at home. In her book, ‘William and Harry’, she wrote:-

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“Like generations of royals before him, the Prince of Wales, Charles had been delivered in the Belgian Suite at Buckingham Palace. Diana, as the royal family quickly discovered, wanted to do things quite differently”.

The late Princess of Wales endured a tough pregnancy.

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She took a stand and was determined to give birth in a hospital, rather than at the palace. And so, Diana gave birth to her first born, William and to her second born, Harry at the private Lindo Wing of St Mary’s hospital in Paddington. However, this bold decision she took, broke hundreds of years of tradition, but also paved the way for future royals.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate has given birth to her three royal children, George,Charlotte and Louis in the same wing as her late mother-in-law, Diana. But, some reports claimed that the soon-to-be mother, Meghan, will not be opting the same hospital as Kate and Diana’s. We will have to wait and see, where her first child is born.