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5 Times Princess Diana was the most bad-ass member of the British royal family.


Princess Diana was shaking up tradition by changing her wedding vows or revealing the cracks in her fairy-tale marriage.

She had moments of true bravery and backbone. The Princess of Wales, while undeniably classy, poised, and well-spoken, was also kind of a bad-ass.

Here are 5 times, when Diana proved she was a force to be reckoned within the royal family.

  • When she removed “Obey” from her wedding vows.

When Diana married Charles in July 1981, she omitted the word “obey” from their vows. She was the first royal bride to do so. The tradition continued when her son, Prince William married Kate Middleton 30 years later. 

They too decided to remove the word from their vows. Meghan Markle did the same when she married Prince Harry in 2018. Not only Diana’s two sons did it, but Princess Eugenie did it too when she tied the knot with Jack Brooksbank.

  • When she insisted that her sons go to school with other kids.

Typically, children in the royal family were educated by a governess in the palace itself. However, Diana made sure that Prince William would be the first heir to the British throne to be enrolled in public school. 

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At 3 years old, William began attending nursery school, and when his own son George was just 2, he and Kate had him start at the Westacre Montessori School. In September 2017, their daughter, Charlotte will head to nursery school. And, George will transfer to Thomas’s Battersea School, a private school in South London.

When she wore the infamous “Revenge Dress”.

Princess Diana attended a Vanity Fair dinner at London’s Serpentine Gallery on June 29, 1994. For the event, she decided to wear a dress, what would become one of her most memorable and statement-making looks.

It was a formfitting black off-the-shoulder number by Greek designer, Christina Stambolian. Though the curve-hugging dress was actually made for Diana, three years earlier, she “thought it was too daring”.

  • When she helped remove the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS.

Diana was known for getting up close and personal during her official appearances. And in April 1987, she became the first member of the British royal family to come in contact with a person suffering from HIV/AIDS without any protective gear.

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During a visit to the UK’s Middlesex hospital (AIDS ward), the royal shook the hand of a dying AIDS patient without wearing gloves. She once said in a speech: “HIV does not make people dangerous to know. You can shake their hands and give them a hug. Heaven knows they really need it”.

  • When she confronted Camilla Parker Bowles about her affair with Charles.

In Andrew Morton’s controversial biography: ‘Diana: Her True Story’, the princess recalled: “One of the bravest moments” of her marriage. It was a calculated confrontation with Camilla Parker Bowles at a 40th birthday party for Camilla’s sister.

It was 1989, and Diana discovered that Charles and Camilla had reignited their romance. After putting the pieces together, Diana decided to roll up at the event unannounced and talk to Camilla face to face.