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Top cringe-worthy Prince Harry scandals that we all have forgotten.

The British Royal Family has given us with so many frame-worthy moments throughout these years. Now they continue to inspire us with their big hearts and impressive charity work.

But, like any normal family, even the Royals has had their fair share of scandals especially when it comes to Prince Harry.

The 32-year-old Royal is known as the rebellious “wild child” of the Royal Family. Though it’s indeed worth noting that Prince Harry has done a lot of growing up and soul-searching over these past few years.


Prince Harry being admitted for smoking weed, Prince Charles sent his 17-year-old to Featherstone Lodge Rehabilitation Centre in 2002. It is not that Prince Harry had or has a serious problem, but he did take drugs. Prince Harry did attend the rehab, Featherstone Lodge for a day.

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He joined it to learn about the possible problems which come with the intake of cannabis. Prince Charles thought it would be an educational and shocking experience for him to attend.

That Time He Went to Rehab for Weed (Hmm, Okay)


The royal, Prince Harry got into a fight and an argument with a photographer outside of London’s Pangaea nightclub in October 2004. A group of photographers was taking pictures of him, and Prince Harry was only trying to defend himself. Then suddenly Prince Harry was hit in the face by a camera. This happened when all the photographers crowded around Prince Harry as he was getting into a car.

That Time He Got into a Scuffle


Prince Harry dressed up as a ‘Nazi officer’ for a friend’s costume party. Then almost immediately after those photos were flashed on all the news channels. Prince Harry, who was 20 years old at that time, released a public apology. It said, “I am very sorry if I caused any offence or embarrassment to anyone. It was a poor choice of costume, and I apologize”.

That Time He Dressed as a Nazi

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In the year 2011, Prince Harry made flashing headlines all over the television. When Prince Harry fell into a pool fully clothed during a wild clubbing night in Croatia. Prince Harry then proceeded to keep dancing on a ledge despite being soaking wet. He was then later seen wearing a borrowed tee with his button-down wrapped around his waist. Due to this, there were even reports that Queen Elizabeth was not at all happy with the Prince.

Late night pool party meant more trouble and scandals.


In August 2012, Prince Harry took full advantage of his time in Las Vegas. He parties with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. Just hours after this wild night, ‘naked pictures’ of the Royal hit the web. Prince Harry then quickly returned to England for a tense meeting with Queen Elizabeth and his dad, Prince Charles. Though the exact context of the meeting is still unknown. But Prince Harry had “to face up” to his family and explain himself.