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Congratulations to Kate Middleton for this new and honourable title.

Kate Middleton

For those who doesn’t know it yet, Princess Diana was known as the People’s Princess. It was because of her passion and love towards her people.

And now, that title has been given to her daughter-in-law, Kate.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate has been labelled the “New People’s Princess” by a former royal correspondent. He claims that Princess Diana would approve of her son’s wife.

Kate Middleton married Prince William in April 2011.

Ever since, comparisons with William’s mother, Princess Diana, have been unavoidable. Michael Cole, former royal correspondent for the BBC, was not afraid to make such a link. 

He referenced the Princess of Wales’ affectionate title “The People’s Princess” when speaking about Kate Middleton on a recent documentary: “Kate Middleton: Working Class to Windsor”.

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He said:-

“I think that the Duchess of Cambridge will be the new People’s Princess. She won’t be condescending to the ordinary people and will be her own self”.

“But, I think there will be a lot of people who can identify with her, her background and where she has come from. Particularly as she succeeds in the job, I think they will warm up to her”.

“People will see that she hasn’t gone out to get a prince. They’ll see that it’s been a mutually arrived-at relationship. They will recognise that, for once, this is a love match”.

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He also detailed how Diana would perceive Kate if she was still here with us today.

“Honestly, I think, were Diana here, she would approve of Kate Middleton. She might feel a slight ‘oh dear I don’t want to lose my son’. I do think she would approve and see, in her some admirable qualities and she’d feel that her son would be safe with her”.

“I’m sure of that. I think she would approve of it immensely”.