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Congratulation to Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip celebrate their 70 years of engagement. The royal couple will mark their platinum wedding anniversary in the month of November.

Exactly 70 years ago, today, came the wonderful news that Princess Elizabeth, the future Queen, will marry Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten.

On 10 July 1947, the happy couple were pictured arm-in-arm at Buckingham Palace following the official announcement of their marriage. The 21-year-old Princess showed off an elegant engagement ring presented to her by future husband, who was 26 at that time. Four months later they got married in Westminster Abbey, on 20 November 1947. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip will celebrate their historic platinum wedding anniversary later this year.

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The 21-year-old Princess had first met Philip when she was 13

The love affair and the strong bond between Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten and Elizabeth Windsor stretches back more than 7 decades and started in 1939 when they first met as teenagers and became good friends.

The King then gave his official consent to the marriage in April 1947 and Philip proposed to Elizabeth as they walked together in the grounds of Balmoral. He presented his bride with a square cut diamond and platinum ring, which was created using stones from one of his mother’s tiaras.

Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten pictured on the day they announced their engagement Photo

Queen Elizabeth of England and Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark first met as children but met again in 1939 when Prince Philip, a cadet at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth, was to entertain the then-13-year-old Princess with a game of croquet when she accompanied her father King George VI to the college.

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They exchanged letters and their friendship developed strong until, in 1946, Prince Philip asked King George for his daughter’s hand for marriage. King George agreed on and they kept it a secret until the princess turned 21 the next year, and on July 9, 1947, their engagement was announced to the world.

More than 2,000 guests were in attendance as Elizabeth and Philip were married at Westminster Abbey on 20 November 1947.

The Queen, dressed in a fuchsia coat and matching hat, with Prince Philip at the castle

It was the first special occasion for the Royal Family since the end of the Second World War. Their marriage was joyously celebrated across the country. Elizabeth had saved up her ration cards to purchase the material needed for her wedding gown – a beautiful design made of ivory duchess satin and decorated with 10,000 white pearls imported from America. Her bridal bouquet was made up of white orchids and a sprig of myrtle – from the bush grown from the myrtle in Queen Victoria’s wedding bouquet. The following day it was laid on the grave of the Unknown Soldier in Westminster Abbey.



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